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When you are building a home, doing some kitchen remodeling, or replacing kitchen drawers, it is tempting to save a couple bucks by cutting some corners and using cheaper products. However, there is one area where you should never go cheap, and that’s with your premade drawer boxes.

Buying quality replacement drawer boxes ensures that quality cabinetry that will last a lifetime and avoid annoying and costly repairs. People usually go crazy choosing the color, wood variety, and hardware for their cabinets but decide to buy cheap drawer boxes. These cheaply made drawer boxes wear out and fall apart long before they should.

With, you can shop quality made / budget friendly drawer boxes at a price you can afford!

Investing In Quality Drawer Boxes


quality-drawer-boxesOur kitchen drawers many times end up as “catch-alls”. This can mean they become overloaded and have increased weight. This puts pressure on the hardware, materials, and especially the drawer joints. When we are in a hurry we also end up pulling harder on the faces and hardware of our drawers while we are enjoying cooking in our kitchens.

Furthermore, the “tool drawer” most of us have lurking in our kitchens, ends up being a tool box full of heavy hand tools, nails, and all sorts of hardware. Having cheap drawer boxes in these situations means that the drawers fall apart and spill their contents under your cabinetry. Investing in quality drawer boxes helps your beautiful new kitchen cabinetry last longer and be more enjoyable.

Quality drawer boxes might cost a little more up front, but they will outlast the alternatives. Dovetail joinery is one of the most durable and strongest types of joinery that can be used to make drawer boxes. They include the use of wood adhesives to increase their strength and have interlocking sections of wood that act a bit like interlaced fingers which hold the drawer together. Dovetail joints are used with both solid woods and composite materials. Dowel joints are also used to make quality drawer boxes.

Types Of Quality Drawer Boxes We Sell


Take a look at the different types of quality drawer boxes we manufacture and sell at DCDRAWERS.COM. Dovetail corners provide an old world/high quality look and feel at an affordable price.

Advantages Of Our Affordably Priced Drawer Boxes 


  • AWI Premium Grade
  • Max height 24″, Minimum height 2”
  • No additional setup charges for odd heights
  • Exceptional joint for plywood’s and solids
  • Custom grade for MDF Core melamine’s

Drawer Box Styles


Drawer Box Sizes & Options


Solid Wood Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Solid Wood Dovetail Drawer Boxes
Solid Wood Dovetail Drawer Box

Before solid wood is used to make dovetail drawer boxes it is prepared by buffing, sanding, and finishing the wood so it is as durable as it is beautiful. This helps with the appearance of your drawers when they are open, and it drastically improves the lifespan of your custom drawer boxes.

Shop Solid Wood Drawer Boxes

Melamine Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Melamine Dovetail Drawer Boxes
Melamine Dovetail Drawer Box

Melamine is a synthetic product that is typically particle board that is covered with a plastic based type coating. The coating makes the drawers stronger and helps with the appearance of the drawers. They are easy to clean and are cost effective options.

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Plywood Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Plywood Dovetail Drawer Boxes
Plywood Dovetail Drawer Box

Another option homeowners have when choosing the quality of their drawer boxes is plywood. Plywood is created by layering two or more layers of thin wood with their grain patterns alternating. For drawer boxes it is best to use 9 ply thick plywood so the drawer will have adequate strength and longevity. When thinner sections of plywood or substandard plywood tends to warp and sag over time. It is important to use quality raw materials in the production of drawer boxes for your kitchen, or anywhere else you need drawers.

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Drawer Sizes


dowel-drawer-bottom-pictureOPTION 1: (1/4” Bottom):

Bottom raised 3/8” from bottom edge of drawer box. We use this sizing on all standard boxes receiving bottom mount or side mount drawer glides.


dowel-drawer-glide-slide-customOPTION 2: (1/4” Bottom):

Bottom raised a 1/2” from bottom edge of drawer box. We use this on all boxes receiving soft-close under mount drawer glides.


dowel-drawer-half-inch-bottomOPTION 3: (1/2” Bottom):

Both options 1 and 2 apply for 1/2” bottoms with the exception of under mount glides. If bottoms being raised 1/2” up there will be a hole approximately 1/4” wide where the groove goes through the side and can’t be hidden by the dovetail.

Additional Drawer Options


Want to customize your drawer boxes even further? Take a look at the additional drawer options we offer below.

  • Laser Engraving
  • Angled Drawers
  • Drawer Scoops
  • File Drawers
  • Dividers
  • Notching & Drilling
  • Drawer Glides
  • Drawer With Power Outlets

Drawer Box Kits

Drawer Connection offers a number of drawer box kits. We offer drawer box kits to build your drawer boxes. Parts are made to your specifications and shipped flat to reduce shipping costs, and storage if you want to have back stock without taking up much room. We also offer power outlet kits for drawers and slide out shelf kits.

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Unassembled Premade Drawer Box Kitspull-out-drawer-kits

Clients can choose to have their custom made drawers shipped unassembled. This option is great for shipping longer distances and taking up less room until the drawer boxes are needed.  We make some of the highest quality and longest lasting drawer box kits in the industry and because of that you might need a rubber mallet to fit the snug joints together. Including the application of wood glue, as we do when we assemble drawer boxes before shipping, is a good measure to make the drawers last as long as possible.

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Power Outlet Drawer Box Kits

Having outlets inside your drawers cuts down on clutter, is reliable, and designed to be safe. There are three categories of drawer power outlets that we offer.  These are Docking Drawer™, Docking Drawer Slim USB™, and Style & Might Drawer™.  Each of these designs include UL listed circuit breakers which ensure safe operation. Style & Mighty Drawer™ include a UL Listed thermostat which cuts the power should the temperature exceed 120°F.

The three categories of drawer box outlet kits offer combination outlets, USB, or just AC outlets. These outlet kits have been quality and durability tested by cycling the opening and closing of drawers fitted with the outlet kits.  The cycles went for 500,000 repetitions every 15 minutes to simulate 30 years of use. This simulated test proves that the outlets are built to last.  See below for more details on our drawer box kits for power outlets.

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Combination AC & USB Power Outlet Drawer Box Kit GFCI AC Power Outlet Drawer Box Kit Slim USB Power Outlet Drawer Box Kit

Power Outlet Drawer Box Kit Specifications

Pull Out Shelf Kits

Ordering pull out shelf kits transforms your shelves from static and stationary elements to working like drawers. These drawer-like kits make it so your shelves will roll out to make reaching anything in your cabinets a snap. This is great for people with sore backs, limited mobility, or anyone who wants to have an easier to use and better organized cabinets.

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Longer Lasting Custom Drawer Boxes


Quality drawers come from using the right materials, the right fasteners, the right types of drawer joinery, and skilled craftsmen who can build long lasting drawer boxes. Avoid saving money in the short term and invest a little extra money in adding quality drawers to your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else you need reliable storage options. If you are a homeowner or cabinetry contractor and are looking for a new source for quality premade drawer boxes Drawer Connection is your source for quick turn around, quality products, and exceptional customer service. If you are interested in buying cheap unfinished replacement cabinet doors, visit

Give us a call today to talk about the options we have available or place and order at 877-917-4887

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"Never Buy Cheap Drawer Boxes Again With DCDRAWERS.COM" When you are building a home, doing some kitchen remodeling, or replacing kitchen drawers, it is tempting to save a couple bucks by cutting some corners and using cheaper products. However, there is one area where you should never go cheap, and that's with your premade drawer boxes.